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06 January 2005 @ 11:51 am

Ha. just sent me a survey to take about their service. Let me copy and paste my answers:

How would you rate your overall satisfaction level with (0 being least satisfied, 10 being greatest).


do you plan on having your vehicle inspected before you purchase it?


Why do you plan to have the used vehicle inspected before you purchase it? (pre-purchase inspection)

I used to check a vin number on a car I wanted. It came back clean. I then took it to the mechanic for a pre-purchase inspection to see if it was ok, and well, it turns out it had been in at least two serious accidents, and that it had been stretched apart and had the crumple zones rebuilt. Did this show up on carfax? No, of course not. I then subsiquently ran the vin of a vehicle that I already knew was salvaged, just to see if your service could possibly be that bad, and guess what? You guys sent that back as clean too. A real stellar and accurate service you have here!

So that is why I want my care inspected, because I, like most people, don't want  the car I purchase to turn out to be a complete piece of shit that's been in a billion accidents, and I'd say your website has been pretty worthless in determining that.

Oh by the way? I make sure to tell all my friends, and everyone I met while buying the car for that matter, dealers, mechanics, private sellers, everyone, just how crappy your service is. Everyone always says "oh, check that." Then I laugh at them, and tell them what happened to me. Then they don't want to use your shitty service anymore either:).

Approximately how much would you pay for the used vehicle inspection?

I paid $40. Money well spent I'd have to say, way better than the $24.99 I spent to find out your website is a bogus fraud. Can I have that money back by the way?

  What would you expect to be included in a detailed report of a 150-point vehicle inspection and road test that cost $99.

Well, obviously this is a  trick to try and get me to use your mobile car checking inspection service. If your website lies, and doesn't tell me if the car i'm looking to buy has been in a accident, why would I ever think your magical 150 point inspection would be any better? And 99 dollars? You already cheated me out of $24.99, I'll keep my $99 dollars, thanks.

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